The State Public Employment Service (SEPE) has recognized more than 98% of ERTE benefits since the start of the health crisis

"The current rate of recognition at SEPE has returned to normal, there are practically no benefits pending recognition beyond those that we are correcting due to errors detected in your data and those that have entered new daily, which are being recognized," says Gerardo Gutiérrez Ardoy, CEO of SEPE.

The errors detected are unrelated to SEPE itself and are, usually, errors in the numbers of the identification document of the workers or in other data of the information related to the workers themselves included in the ERTE.

Thanks to the agreement reached with the financial entities, the pending benefits are already being paid this month, since the recognition is daily.

With this initiative, people whose pending benefit has been recognized by the SEPE will not have to wait until June 10 to collect the benefit, as it has been done historically in the SEPE and a daily update is carried out with banks.

In this way, all outstanding benefits will be paid in May.

This agreement, signed with financial entities and published this month in the BOE, joins the agreement already reached in April to advance the usual payment of the benefit at the beginning of the month.

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