The Tax Agency has returned more than 10,200 million euros at year-end to 14 million taxpayers

At the end of the year, the returns grow by 3.9% with respect to the same dates of the previous campaign, while the amounts returned increased by more than 8.8%, in both cases above the growth of the requested returns and their amounts (3.6% and 8.3%, respectively).

The declarations presented in the last Income Campaign at the end of the year have totaled more than 20,695,000, 3.5% more than the previous year, highlighting the increase registered in the amount of the declarations with the result to be entered (+15, 5%), which is mainly motivated by a sharp increase in capital gains. At the same time, the number of statements with a balance to be entered grew by 2.5%.

The concluded campaign has had, as the main feature, the consolidation of the two non-face-to-face presentation alternatives to the Agency website (the mobile application and the 'We Call' plan for making telephone statements), which has been given new momentum in this campaign, while maintaining the traditional face-to-face service in offices, presenting on platforms Rent just over 2.1 million returns, a figure very similar to last year.

As for the mobile application, more than 290,000 declarations have been submitted in this way, 45.5% more than last season. Of that total, more than 221,000 are presentations 'in a single click' and the rest correspond to cases of taxpayers to whom the application has derived to the AEAT website to make some modification and have returned to the 'app' to Conclude the presentation.

In turn, the statements that have been made by telephone by the Tax Agency to taxpayers who have made an appointment for the 'We Call You' plan also increase. More than 239,000 statements have been submitted by telephone (33.3% more than last year).

The new impulse given to these alternative ways of telematic presentation, together with the improvements incorporated in WEB RENTAL, are elements that have contributed to a new acceleration of presentations in the first part of the campaign. Thus, by the time the assistance began in offices, on May 14, 574,000 taxpayers had already submitted their declaration more than last year on the same dates.

Of that increase, almost 236,000 were taxpayers who in the previous campaign had waited to receive assistance in the offices and, nevertheless, have now taken advantage of the different ways of non-face-to-face help to accelerate the process and, where appropriate, the return, avoiding travel to the attendance platforms.

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