As of today, the Constitutional Court has admitted the appeal of unconstitutionality of the Integral Law of the Mar Menor approved in the Regional Assembly with the support of PP, PSOE and Cs last July, attacking directly and without palliative the farmers.

The allegations presented by VOX before the Court for the unconstitutionality of a large part of the articles of Law 3/2020 on the recovery and protection of the Mar Menor were the following:

-The law affects property rights art. 33 of the Spanish Constitution and freedom of business of art. 38 of the EC. It imposes limitations and imposes prohibitions on farmers that cannot be agreed upon by the Autonomous Community. It also affects hydrological planning and the maritime-terrestrial public domain that are the responsibility of the State.

-The law breaks the necessary balance between the environment and socio-economic activity, departing from the constitutional obligation of art. 45 of the EC.

-The law carries out an irrational and discriminatory redefinition and zonal delimitation, uses arbitrary criteria such as proximity and changes criteria of use that deviate from technical criteria, incurring arbitrariness.

-The prohibitions and restrictions imposed on agricultural use are not adequate or to protect agricultural economic activity (with the transcendent impact on employment as it is one of the economic engines of the region) or environmental and will not achieve the intended purpose.

VOX has shown that it keeps its word and will always be on the side of the Mar Menor and the agricultural sector.

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