The Center for Documentation of Performing Arts and Music (CDAEM), unit dependent on INAEM, has made available to its users three new titles in its Accessible Theater section of the Teatroteca, the online loan service that has more than 1,500 recordings.

With the aim of bringing the arts live to people with disabilities, the CDAEM has incorporated the assemblies into its accessible catalog «Jardiel, a writer back and forth», «#Malditos 16» Y «Empty shells», all adapted with subtitling, audio description and interpretation of sign language. These three titles are added to the twenty available in the Teatroteca thanks to the collaboration with the company APTENT (pioneer in facilitating accessibility through audio description and subtitling in live shows).

«Jardiel, a writer back and forth» is the title of the version of Ernesto Caballero on «A husband back and forth», work written by Enrique Jardiel Poncela during the summer of 1939. The assembly, a production of National Dramatic Center, premiered in the season 2016/2017 directed by gentleman.

To the same season of CDN belongs «#Malditos 16», a text of Nando J. López directed by Quino Falero developed within the cycle «Writings on the Scene»

Y «Empty shells», one of the successes of the season 2017/2018 of the CDN, co-produced together AREA, it's a montage of Magda Labarga Y Laila Ripoll, who sign the text and the address. The project was born after four years of work in the cycle «A different look» and it is played by actors with different abilities.

Upcoming incorporations

During the next months the CDAEM will significantly increase the number of adapted shows. Among the works of CDN that will be added to the accessible catalog of the Teatroteca they find each other: «The author of the meninas», «The Cherry Orchard», «The concert of San Ovidio» or «The witches of Salem».

The quality and versatility of the proposals are essential criteria when selecting the works of this catalog. Also, the collection seeks to cover different genres and styles: from comedy to drama, through classical and contemporary theater.

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