On Tuesday, July 21, a meeting of the Tourism and Sports Group was held, chaired by Marta Blanco, President of CEOE International and of the Council of Tourism, Culture and Sports of CEOE.

This group, organized within the framework of the Task Force for the Promotion of Sport (GDTI), of the Higher Sports Council (CSD), has prepared a document of conclusions of the Tourism-Business-Sport conference that took place last 23 June and that highlighted the synergies that are generated between these two essential industries for the economy of our country.

In the makingThe CEOE, the CSD, the Secretary of State for Global Spain and the Secretary of State for Tourism and significant representatives of the Spanish tourism and sports sector have participated in this document.

This exercise is a clear example of public-private collaboration, whose cooperation model is even more necessary after the COVID-19 crisis and is intended to represent a common agenda of measures that can be applied to boost sports tourism.

Soon, CEOE will deliver to the public administrations involved in the application of measures associated with sports tourism these agreed conclusions, which are expected to be implemented as soon as possible, since the sector needs immediate measures.

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