The municipal group VOX in the City Council of Zaragoza will take a motion, in this sense, to the plenary session this month. To urge the municipal government to publish, as of January 1, 2021, in the Transparency Portal of the City Council website, the most up-to-date version available at any time of the Major List of Games without any restriction or limitation”.

The spokesman of the municipal group, Julio Calvo, recalls that according to the report prepared by the International Budget Partnership (IBP) in 2019, Spain added a score of 53 points out of 100. Which helped it to occupy the 45th position out of 117 countries, among Turkey and Ghana. “The lack of detail in the budget execution reports is one of the causes of this execution. Zaragoza City Council must contribute to the extent of its possibilities to achieve greater transparency", Add.

Julio Calvo considers that for citizens it would be "very interesting" to know the expenses of the Major List of Items. As "the € 919.30 that have been paid for travel and accommodation to Amsterdam within the heading of Maintenance or Conservation of Social Services." At the same time, under the heading of the Equality Plan and Training Programs of the Equality Area, “€ 1,663.75 has been paid in 5,000 Christmas cards. € 1089 in self-care courses with Qi Gong, breathing and meditation. Or € 350 at the Stage Theater Workshop: Feminist Theater practice ”.

"If citizens were aware of these types of expenses, the City Council would be much more careful and rigorous when dealing with them”, He concludes.

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