Today the negotiation of a wide spectrum of public debt securities of the Spanish Public Treasury begins on the fixed income platform SEND (Electronic Debt Negotiation System), managed by BME (Spanish Stock Exchanges and Markets). In this way, Treasury Bills, State Bonds and Obligations and public debt strips are incorporated into this platform for the private investor.

This initiative was created with the aim of improving the retail investor's operations with these securities by listing them on a regulated, supervised, liquid and transparent secondary market, which enables their sale and purchase and easy access to listing prices. The objectives are the following:

  • Greater transparency for retail investors with the implementation of a regulated, centralized and order-led electronic secondary market. The operation is similar to that of the Stock Market which, together with the supervisory activity of the CNMV, offers the retail investor greater security.
  • Improving liquidity with the collaboration of 31 SEND Liquidity Providers.
  • Increased information public Available on the values ​​and prices of operations in the secondary market, which enables correct decision-making on financial assets.

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