Jose Maria Llanos, President and Deputy Spokesperson of the VOX Parliamentary Group in the Valencian Courts has criticized the antidemocratic attitude of the Tripartite Government, which has refused to admit a proposal from the opposition and the reason has been: "No, because we don't want to."

José María Llanos has explained to the media, after the Board of Spokespersons, that “One of the things that can be learned from this Board of Spokespersons is that we have checked again the democracy of the tripartite. From the opposition we asked to replace the questions with interpellations and the response of the PSPV trustee, Mr. Mata, has been verbatim: 'No, because we do not want to' … It will then be a plenary session with Propositions not of Law (NLP) because it has decided by Mr. Mata and the tripartite. "

It has been asked to replace the questions with interpellations because these allow more time and open a debate. In this case it was a call to face a plague that affects our agriculture.

From the GP VOX we have presented an NLP so that all the groups in this chamber can defend the institutions of the nation, something very necessary in these moments of institutional bankruptcy. Bankruptcy in which not only the Government of Spain participate, but also the Government of the Generalitat Valenciana.

Llanos recalled that Tomorrow VOX presents in the Congress of Deputies a motion of censure against the blow to democracy, the State, the Head of State and judicial independence. “Therefore, we hope to be able to explain the reasons, and this is what Deputy Ignacio Garriga will do, why It is essential, not necessary, but essential, present this motion. And later Santiago Abascal will present a government program. And all the parties are called to join this motion of censure against a government that what it is doing is absolutely destroying the economy of our country, as well as the institutions. "

Unfortunately here in the Valencian Community they are doing the same: "The Administration is not thinned, expenses are not cut. The only thing that is done is to pass the roller on the part of the Tripartite. Not signing institutional declarations simply because VOX presents them, once again showing off their absolute lack of democracy ”.

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