Madrid, October 8, 2020. – The judicial setback of the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid (TSJM), which has overturned the measures imposed by the Ministry of Health in the Community of Madrid, has given the reason to VOX.

"From VOX we defended that these measures violated the fundamental rights of the people of Madrid, that they were not the adequate measures to face the health crisis and that is what the TSJM now defends," Rocío Monasterio summed up in statements at the Madrid Assembly.

The VOX spokeswoman considers that said resolution "is one more example of the negligence of the Sánchez Government." “It is one more example that we must defend the rights and freedoms of the people of Madrid and also protect their health. And this has to be done based on scientific criteria -and not political- and with the law in hand ”, he demanded.

That is why he criticized that the regional government tried to ratify the closure imposed by Minister Illa in several municipalities by not having dared to ask for very precautionary measures to stop the attack of the left against all Madrilenians. The Community of Madrid limited itself to demanding judicial ratification of measures that they themselves considered harmful, while VOX insisted on the need to immediately paralyze a rule that not only did not help to stop contagion, but also contributed to drowning moreover, the Economy, causing irreparable damage to all Madrilenians.

“VOX was clear that these measures were not adequate and that is why we asked for the utmost caution. In VOX we were clear that we could not take a step back and that we were not going to resign ourselves as the Government of the Community had resigned. We are going to stand up for all the people of Madrid. That is what we have done. The TSJM today agrees with us, ”continued the VOX spokeswoman. Therefore, all VOX resources follow their own path in the corresponding courts.

“VOX is the party that defends the rights and freedoms of the people of Madrid. We need clear measures based on scientific and non-political criteria that give us a solution and give us certainty, "insisted Monasterio, following his maxim of" less confine, more trace. "

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