The Valencian socialists have not signed the Institutional Declaration of VOX in defense of the monarchy. Neither have the rest of the parties that make up the Botanist government: Compromís and Podemos. Jose Maria Llanos, President and Deputy Speaker of the VOX Parliamentary Group has described “the position of the PSPV as deplorable.” In a statement made before the plenary session of the Cortes, Llanos explained that “the position of the PSPV is being deplorable, and today especially, because since VOX we have presented an Institutional declaration in defense of the parliamentary monarchy, in defense of our King Felipe VI, in which we strictly reflect the provisions of article 56.1 of the Spanish Constitution and the socialist party has not wanted to sign it ”.
Podemos and Compromís already knew that they want to break the constitutional order and that they were not going to sign it, but the PSPV has not wanted to sign it either. And that seems very serious to us because it is a declaration in defense of the constitutional order. We believe that it is one more sample that justifies the motion of censure that VOX presents today in the Congress of Deputies. It is one more example that the PSPV defends constitutional bankruptcy and is not for the defense of a parliamentary monarchy.

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