The vice president of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces and Mayor of Estepona, José María García Urbano, demands that the president of the Federation, Abel Caballero, "stop criticizing the Popular Party and exercise its function responsibly." Thus, he pointed out that the Popular Group in the Federation urges the Government of Sanchez to convene a meeting “urgently to address all the claims that are pending solution from a long time ago, such as the reform of municipal capital gain or the collection of VAT that they are owed. ”

From the Popular Party at the FEMP Abel Caballero is required to expose “with light and stenographers” what actions he will develop to get Sanchez to release the 2017 VAT money to the Town Halls, as well as to propose a calendar in which he exposes how will you monitor the actions of this Government in relation to municipal claims, such as the reform of municipal capital gain, an issue that affects thousands of citizens in Spain.

According to the vice president of the FEMP, "Abel Caballero must have as a priority that the City Councils recover the VAT owed by the Government of Sanchez, that is, it must defend the interests of municipalism, leaving aside partisan interests."

In this regard, García Urbano, has criticized statements made today by the President of the FEMP in which he claims to be in talks with the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, but in which he does not explain what he is doing to get it returned the millions of euros claimed by the City Councils for the month of VAT that was not accounted for in December 2017 ”.

In his opinion, the president of the FEMP "can not devote himself to throwing balls out criticizing the Popular Party but his institutional position obliges him to claim the current Government of Sanchez to return to the Local Entities money that belongs to them."

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