Valladolid, August 5, 2020 – Jesús García-Conde, attorney for Vox in the Cortes of Castilla y León and Deputies Pablo Sáez, Victor González, Georgina Trías, Pedro Requejo, Rodrigo Jiménez, Pablo Calvo and Ricardo Chamorro, have referred to President of the Junta de Castilla y León a letter in which they urgently request effective measures to alleviate the serious crisis that the bullfighting sector is going through, in a season marked by the pandemic.

In the letter they remember that the pandemic is assuming a very difficult stage for all Spaniards. Many families have lost a loved one, work, business, modus vivendi … which is causing numerous irreparable damages. The outlook for some sectors is especially bleak. A clear example is the bullfighting sector in the Community of Castilla y León of which some 14,000 families live and who see their future with uncertainty because the present is preventing them from working.

Similarly, quoting the President's own words, "… the bullfighting sector is very important in our community due to its cultural value, the wealth it generates and the tourist, environmental, economic and employment repercussions it brings." It should be noted that Castilla y León hosts more than 2,000 bullfighting celebrations each year, it is the second Community with the most bullfighting herds, Salamanca standing out as the province of Spain with the largest number of livestock farms.

For all these reasons, it is urgent that political parties seek urgent solutions to the celebration of celebrations, respecting sanitary measures and allowing the sector to work in the same way that other cultural activities are being carried out in our community. It is necessary to remember that bullfighting activity is developing in other autonomous communities such as Extremadura with complete normality.

Finally, they urge consensus and the search for truly effective agreements and solutions, proposing to allow employers to organize celebrations while respecting the corresponding sanitary measures. It is obvious that the aid approved by the Junta de Castilla y León to livestock farms is not sufficient for their maintenance, and they request that consideration be given to all families that have not been able to benefit from an ERTE.

From VOX and as the third political force in Spain, we express our support for the claims of the bullfighting community as well as any measure taken by the Regional Government in this regard.

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