Malaga, August 6, 2020. – The VOX deputy for Malaga and spokesperson in the Congress Tourism Commission, Patricia wheel, has met, together with the VOX councilor in the City Hall, Antonio Sevilla, with the association of tourism professionals Skal Internacional Costa del Sol – which brings together all sectors-, who have transferred the needs of the sector to Rueda.

During the meeting, the deputy explained to the association's representatives the initiatives (parliamentary questions, Non-Law Proposals) that she has presented in Congress for the tourism sector “with the firm intention of protecting a sector on which thousands of families depend. malagueñas ”.

Rueda has compiled the initiatives aimed at safeguarding hotels and tourist accommodation; passenger transport; rental cars; travel agency; beach establishments; measures to boost the tourism sector; as well as against illegal sale and counterfeiting in order to protect small businesses. All this because, as he explained during the meeting, “Malaga and Spain need more than words”.

The vice president of the association, Andres Arcos, for his part, he spoke about the "need for ERTES to be extended until March 31, if we want the tourism industry to continue to be fundamental."

During the meeting, the issue of the images appeared in the press last weekend was discussed in which a DJ was seen at a party spitting alcohol at the public in Torremolinos. Although all have agreed on the seriousness of these images, the president of Skal Internacional Costa del Sol, Daniel Yagüe, has stressed that it is a "specific" situation.

Along the same lines, Seville has referred to the need to appeal to the responsibility of the media, because tourism on the Costa del Sol "totally depends on the image that is given of our destination." "We must give a positive image in Spain and abroad", explained the councilor, who celebrated that "now, the Costa del Sol is a paradise and it is time to enjoy it."

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