The plenary session held today in the Granada Provincial Council has supported in a majority way the motion presented by the VOX Provincial Group, to urge the Government of Spain to adopt urgent measures to boost the Motril-Melilla maritime line, which is suffering severely the consequences of the current economic crisis, as the activity of this line is paralyzed.

The maritime route that connects Motril and Melilla began its services in 2011, as an alternative to the routes that linked the autonomous city with the Peninsula with Almería and Malaga, and would soon reach the leadership of the three routes. However, in 2014, the Council of Ministers excluded the Melilla-Motril maritime line from State subsidies, for which the lines with Almería and Malaga were included, leaving the route through Motril at a competitive disadvantage; In turn, the CNMC intervened in 2018 in the purchase of Transmediterránea by Naviera Armas, a company that provided the maritime service between Motril and Melilla, so that the shipping company transferred operations to the FRS company, the provision of the service, by operating less fast and smaller capacity boats. These setbacks led the Motril-Melilla maritime line to lead passenger traffic, and the Almería and Malaga routes tripled and quadrupled the Motril line, which was the reason for the union between parties and institutions to try to reverse this situation, without having obtained results so far.

The current economic crisis, derived from the health crisis of Covid-19, have finished sinking the maritime line between Motril and Melilla, which is currently not providing service, and therefore VOX is promoting initiatives at all levels to take urgent action and have service restored. This has been the case of the Diputación de Granada, where the deputy and spokesperson of VOX, Cristina Jiménez, has promoted a motion that has been approved today with the favorable votes of the majority of the plenary, VOX, PSOE, PP and Cs, and the abstention of Adelante Andalucía and Izquierda Unida.

The deputy and spokesperson for VOX, Cristina Jiménez, welcomes the approval of the motion: <>.

From VOX they state that this is a step, but that there is still a lot of work ahead to get the shipping line to be reactivated: <>.

From the party presided over by Santiago Abascal, they state that <>.

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