The repeal of part of the current regulations will benefit entrepreneurs and tourism without prejudice to the city, nor to its idiosyncrasy

Seville, March 11, 2020. The government of the PP promulgated an ordinance by virtue of which it established, for the watchmen, a proportion of 50% with respect to the capacity of the interior of the premises, which, if it is applied, would be catastrophic and ineffective for the hotel businessmen. We do not understand the double game of the Popular Party, which enacted the law and now wants to appear as an opposition, avoiding responsibilities. Let's not forget that several councilors of the PP of the current Corporation, among others its spokesman Beltrán Pérez, were part of the Government that started the process for the implementation of the rule that limited the watchmen.

The PSOE does not end up committing to properly regulate the existing norm that damages and affects the “Seville” brand, both residents and those who visit us. The hoteliers want a fair ordinance where they do not continue to have economic losses, nor are they in the position of firing personnel, since that would be detrimental to the policies that the PSOE supposedly champion, which does not react and looks the other way leaving the interests and city ​​benefits on the sidelines.

The spokesperson for the Municipal VOX Group in the Seville City Council, Cristina Peláez, asserts that “the ambiguity of the mayor and the government of this city council, neither help nor clarify what the solution to the problem will be, without shedding light, without any specificity for the employers and that redounds to their workers ”.

"From the Municipal Group of VOX Seville, We support the hospitality sector in Seville. We will take, if necessary, the amendment of the current regulations to plenary, so that different criteria are adopted to limit the number of watchmen. We believe that it must be subjected to technical criteria of urban planning and the environment due to its characteristics, logistics and its adequate adaptation, with an adequate minimum number of watchmen per establishment ”.

"We also ask that the validity period of the license, according to technical reports and with hoteliers, avoid legal uncertainty and insecurity."

VOX Seville will fight to maintain the idiosyncrasy of the city in open spaces, so important for those who visit us, being the main source of income for our city. We seek a balance between businessmen, tourism and the people of Seville to take Seville where others want to hide it.

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