Among the activities that have been organized within the framework of the International Defense and Security Fair (FEINDEF), the 'Women's Forum' has taken place, an initiative that adds to those developed in recent years to boost women's participation in all sectors related to security and defense, including technological and scientific.

The opening and opening of this event has been carried out by the Argentinean resident in Madrid Susana Malcorra, who has been chief of staff of the UN Secretary General in the logistics department of the UN peace missions. Malcorra, who has spoken about her experience in that position, has stated that "women, who have been used as a weapon of war, must be part of the solution and solution of conflicts."

After the opening speech, it was the turn of the general director of Personnel, Adoration Mateos, who praised the role of Spain as a country at the forefront of gender policies, highlighting the effort that is being made by the Ministry of Defense to train gender issue to international expert staff, which will be integrated into peace operations of several international organizations.

The general director, who has reviewed the different initiatives that have been implemented within the scope of the Ministry of Defense, on gender and labor conciliation of its members, with the ultimate goal of reaching a balance between the right to conciliation and the operability of the Units. He has highlighted the recently approved measures that involve a complete revision of the current regulations on conciliation, paying particular attention to the military with minor children, single-parent families and family groups of military couples, among others.

To conclude his speech, Adoration Mateos said that "in a world in constant transformation, our Armed Forces have managed to adapt to this changing reality, seeking a constant balance between tradition and renewal."

FEINDEF hosts the 'Women's Forum'

The 'Women's Forum' was created with the aim of sharing experiences, exchanging opinions, analyzing trends, discovering new talent and with the aim of generating a space for visibility and reflection on women's leadership in peace processes.

The gender perspective as an essential element for international peace and security is a reality, confirmed in the year 2000, by United Nations resolution 1325 "Women, Peace and Security", which already emphasized the importance of the inclusion of women in peace processes.

The Forum has been organized in three round tables: the first one focuses on aspects related to women, peace and security; the second addresses the challenges and opportunities of female talent in Defense and Security; and the third one has discussed the challenges and opportunities of women in the Security and Defense industry.

FEINDEF has opted to join this initiative and has proposed to raise awareness about this issue and highlight the importance of equal work between men and women in the defense and security industry as well as in institutions.

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