• Spain goes from position 28 to 30 in the ranking, its second best position since 2008
  • The overall score of Spain experiences a slight improvement to 77.68 points, approaching the reference level located at 100

Spain obtains the second best result since 2008, with a score of 77.68 points, in the Doing Business 2019 indicator published annually by the World Bank. This indicator analyzes the ease of doing business in 190 countries, granting a global final grade and a grade for each area analyzed, 100 being the reference value.

In the analyzed period, which corresponds to the months between June 1, 2017 and May 31, 2018, Spain has dropped two positions in the ranking, going from 28 to 30, but the distance to the reference value has improved going from 77.02 to 77.68.

Doing Business focuses on 10 regulatory areas that influence the business climate of a country. During the last year, Spain improves the score in relation to the reference value in seven of the analyzed areas, among which the indicator on construction permit management stands out. On the contrary, only the property registration indicator experiences a setback and two remain at the levels of the previous year.

In the comparison with the best positioned European economies, Spain advances one position with respect to the previous year, placing itself in the eleventh position.

Although the relative position in the ranking has undergone few significant changes in the last five years, the results obtained are framed in a trend of gradual improvement of the regulatory framework.

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