The world's leading business organizations call on G20 leaders to intensify intergovernmental collaboration to tackle the pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic highlights the importance of international forums such as the G20. Intergovernmental collaboration is now more necessary than ever both to respond to the health challenges of the pandemic and to adopt measures designed to preserve and stimulate economic activity.

The 15 business associations – among them CEOE – that make up the Global Business Coalition issued an appeal to G20 leaders to help their governments overcome the adverse effects of the pandemic, stimulate economic growth and support job creation.

GBC members call on G20 governments to remove restrictions on the export of medical equipment and drugs, agree to common standards that enable safe international mobility through testing, and commit to collaborate on the global distribution of the vaccine. Likewise, GBC recalls the importance of open markets to maintain global supply chains.

Finally, taking into account the important role that the digital economy is playing during the pandemic, GBC requests that the G20 members support the achievement of an ambitious agreement on electronic commerce and that they deal in a coordinated way with the fiscal challenges derived from the digitization.

GBC advocates for a solid recovery through greater international cooperation and coordination that allows us to face global challenges more efficiently.

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