“Rojo is nothing more than Pedro Sánchez and García-Page's lackey, a high commissioner of the Junta, a position that he seems to have still not abandoned, even though he has been mayor of this city for almost a year and a half. He is the worst mayor we can have; a mayor who prioritizes the interests of his party and the socialist government of his autonomous community over his neighbors, the people of Guadalajareños ". This is how resounding the spokesperson for the Municipal VOX Group, Antonio de Miguel, during his intervention in the plenary session of the debate on the state of the city of Guadalajara, held this Friday.

In said plenary session, the VOX spokesperson recalled that “While Guadalajara is still immersed in the worst pandemic in history, you are looking at the past in the Guadalajara cemetery and using that unjust law of historical forgetfulness as a thrown weapon, of confrontation and not as an instrument of reconciliation, which is what we need in this moment, or to be the most feminist of the crazed feminists than to really fight for the rights and real equality of women ".

Similarly, Antonio de Miguel referred to the fact that “We are facing a triple pandemic. First, in the face of a health pandemic with very worrying figures in Guadalajara. Also, in the face of the economic pandemic that is already leaving its most bitter and painful face among the people of Guatemala, in their pockets, in their family economies and in the fabric of micro-enterprises and the self-employed that are inevitably increasing the poverty rates and the unemployment rate in our neighbors. And finally, in the political pandemic, since it is already evident the damage that the political management of those like Alberto Rojo, Emiliano García-Page and Pedro Sánchez is causing us with policies of command and command, putting party interests and ideological expediencies first. above the sanitary, being truly ineffective in solving the problems of citizenship ".

Thus, the VOX spokesperson accused the municipal government team, made up of PSOE and Ciudadados, of “Improvisation because many people have died for what you have not done and for not taking the appropriate measures to protect us. You were the ones responsible for protecting us. And the consequences of its ups and downs have been many lives lost ", he pointed out.

"While our elders died alone, you programmed disco-cars"

Thus, De Miguel did not overlook the fact that “While our elders died alone, abandoned, without the necessary care, due to their inactivity, their government team organized disco-cars through the streets of Guadalajara. And in the meantime, the weeks went by and the masks that he promised he would mail all over the city did not arrive ".

He also added that "These lies of you have created concern in the neighbors, in the families of Guadalajara and in the self-employed because medium and small companies are sinking before the decisions of their boss, Pedro Sánchez, to which this mayor pays homage".

As a result, De Miguel recalled “The little courage that the mayor of this city had to reject the blackmail of the Sánchez and Iglesias government with our savings. He was very cowardly and did not come out to defend the money of the residents of the city of Guadalajara when his boss Sánchez wanted to usurp the money of all the people of Guatemala.

And precisely, on the economic situation, the VOX spokesperson announced the presentation of an amendment to the totality of the Guadalajara tax ordinances and other partial ones with proposals for bonuses in the IBI, IAE or ICIO "To ensure that our neighbors have possibilities and room for maneuver to get out of this crisis that is having devastating economic consequences".

To help alleviate the economic crisis in the city, De Miguel once again emphasized the need to "Eliminate waste holes". Remembered that “VOX presented an amendment to the 2020 City Council Budget project to lower the salary of elected officials and trusted personnel, but it was rejected with a show of contempt like so many other proposals from our group. And he did it with the support of his government partners, the Citizens group, collaborator of his dire decisions in this government in the Guadalajara City Council ”.

Antonio de Miguel insisted on emphasizing that “VOX has always advocated for the reduction of political spending by this City Council so that it redounds to the residents of Guadalajara. He has said it before the pandemic, he says it now, during the pandemic, and he will continue to say it after the coronavirus crisis ".

"Critical situation in cleanliness, insecurity, without sports and false citizen participation"

On the other hand, the VOX spokesperson indicated that “When talking about the state of our city, it is obligatory to refer to the situation of various services and latent problems, such as cleaning, for example. It is one of the constant complaints that reaches our Municipal Group. Neighbors report problems of dirt and the deplorable state of their streets and containers ".

In the same way, De Miguel stressed that “Another issue that is off in Guadalajara is Sports. It is sad to see that the greatest waste of time is spent criticizing and ruining all the work achieved in sports with the previous Government. It is outrageous that instead of making proposals, projecting initiatives, devising sports plans, we continue to this day stuck in the inheritance received and in him and you worse ".

He also referred “To the pressing problem of citizen security in our capital as one of the main problems in the neighborhoods. There is a pressing need for the Neighborhood Police. It is urgent to put closer police, the presence of agents experienced in this type of police task ".

And he also pointed to the “False citizen participation, which has been evidenced in its model of participatory budgets, closed, restricted, limiting, which does not allow proposals, is not direct, active or deliberate because only two hundred people have participated in them from almost ninety thousand neighbors . And that has cost us about nine thousand euros. It is the sample of the waste for self-aggrandizement, of participative paripe, of posture, of false participation of this Government ”, specified De Miguel.

The VOX spokesperson proposed "Invest this money in, for example, buying rapid antigen tests for all Guadalajareños and to track massively and quickly the spread of the pandemic".

"Our duty is not to silence cases such as the hiring of managers of the Boards of Culture and Sports"

At other points in his speech, Antonio de Miguel stressed that “In VOX we will not be an opposition that keeps quiet and grants. We will not be a submissive opposition. We have been a loyal opposition to the Guadalajareños, of consensus, of dialogue, responsible and, above all, placed in front of and against what seems harmful to Guadalajara, such as, for example, the newly appointed manager of the Sports Board, which distills a stench of favorable treatment that backs off, or as also happened with the appointment of the managing director of the Patronato de Cultura. Two members in the different socialist lists of the last elections and that is why we will not be an opposition that meekly shuts up before their lies and their conveniences. That is where our work is at this City Council. The challenge of our Municipal VOX Group is to achieve maximum transparency in this City Council and defend the interests of the people of Guatemala ”.

Antonio de Miguel ended his exhibition with the recognition of health workers, “Who have taken care of us despite the lack of means for their own protection, and the security personnel and services that this year have proven essential. Some professionals who are largely municipal and I want to expressly refer to them. I am very proud of each one of the officials of this house and of all the personnel who have given everything in these months as good public servants, and who, surely, will continue to give it ”.

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