• Employment increased by 525,100 people in the last year, the majority in the private sector, with an annual rate of 3%
  • Temporary employment among employees decreased almost half a point in the fourth quarter of 2015 and stood at 25.66%
  • The unemployment rate falls to 20.90%, 2.81 points lower than the one a year earlier and the lowest since the second quarter of 2011
  • In the last year, households with all their members unemployed decreased by 209,700 and those with all their assets occupied increased by 420,300.

The data from the Labor Force Survey (EPA) corresponding to the fourth quarter of 2015 reflect that the recovery of the economy is moving strongly to the labor market. According to data released by the National Statistics Institute (INE), unemployment fell by 678,200 people in the last year, the largest annual drop in the EPA's historical series. The unemployment rate stood at 20.90%, which represents a decrease of 2.81 points in twelve months and the lowest rate since the second quarter of 2011. For its part, employment increased by 525,100 people, at an interannual rate of 2.99%, with the average number of employed persons in the fourth quarter of 2015 at 18,094,200. All sectors of the economy have created jobs in the last year.

The vigor of the recovery of the Spanish economy, with year-on-year GDP growth rates above 3%, is allowing the labor market to show dynamism again. The decrease in unemployment by 678,200 people exceeds the year-end forecasts made by the Executive and shows that the recovery is helping to alleviate the still high level of unemployment. The unemployment rate has fallen almost three points in the last twelve months, to 20.9%. The number of unemployed people who lost their job more than a year ago has decreased by 425,400 people and the number of unemployed people looking for their first job has decreased by 91,700. Regarding the third quarter, unemployment has decreased by 71,300 people and stands at 4,779,500 unemployed.

Employment, meanwhile, grew in the fourth quarter of 2015 at an annual rate of 2.99%, with more than 525,000 net jobs created. The increase in employment is balanced, with good performance in all branches of activity and an increase in permanent contracts. In the fourth quarter, employment increased by 45,500 people, 0.25% more than in the previous quarter. The totality of salaried employment created in the last quarter of the year is indefinite (it increases by 103,400), while those with temporary contracts decrease by 63,600. The temporary rate is reduced by almost half a point, to 25.66%.

The greatest job creation in annual terms has occurred in the private sector, with an increase of 452,000 employees. The public sector has increased its staff by 73,100 employed. All sectors of the economy are creating jobs. In the Services sector, 421,500 more workers have been registered; in Agriculture, 50,800; in Construction, 28,100; and in the Industry, 24,600. More than 95% of the employment created in 2015 in the Spanish economy is full-time (501,700). Likewise, of the salaried employment that has been created in the last year (505,700 jobs), two thirds are temporary contracts and one third are permanent contracts.

The number of households that have all their active members unemployed has decreased in the fourth quarter by 16,300, to a total of 1.56 million households. For their part, households with all their active members occupied have increased by 64,400, to 9.5 million.

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