The youth players in the preseason: "We are learning from the best in the world"

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NEWS | 07/13/2019

Fidalgo, Seoane, De la Fuente, Javi Hernandez and Altube have traveled with the first team to Montreal.

Take advantage of the experience and learn from the best. It is the goal of the homegrown Real Madrid who are concentrated with the first team in Montreal. Seoane Y From the source repeated after traveling with the staff to the United States last year, while Fidalgo, Javi Hernández Y Altube they premiere in the preseason. The five players value for Realmadrid TV and his first days of work with the first staff.

Fidalgo: "It's something you've been dreaming of since childhood"

"It's amazing to be here, it's something you've been dreaming of since childhood. We are enjoying and taking advantage of the time with the best in the world. You have to learn the most from them. You look at players in your position as Kroos Y Modric. Zidane is an idol for Madrid and a reference, and having him as a coach is a dream come true. "

De la Fuente: "You realize how big Real Madrid is"

"I am very grateful to the club, which allows me to do this preseason one more year. I try to enjoy to the fullest and take advantage of it. We are training with the best in the world and you can only learn from them. Being at his side and living all this is a privilege. Here you realize how big the Real Madrid. Wherever you go has thousands of followers. I notice Ramos, I learn of their courage, struggle and dedication ".

Seoane: "It's an incredible experience"

"Living with the best in the world is an incredible experience. I want to enjoy it to the fullest and improve every day. I try to learn from them, I look a lot at the players of my position as Kroos Y Modric, who are incredible soccer players ".

Javi Hernández: "You have to enjoy and learn"

"I'm very happy, doing the preseason with the first team is a luxury and I try to learn from these players. You have to enjoy this experience. I notice everything about Ramos: in his movements, his character, in the ball … It is a great reference for me. It's a luxury to learn from everyone and have a Zidane as a coach. "

Altube: "It's an opportunity to improve"

"It's an opportunity to learn and help the first team. It serves to improve and do the best possible. Here you look at all the actions, in every training … I try to learn as much as possible of these players. They are a mirror for all homegrown players. It's a luxury to be able to train alongside great goalkeepers, I try to learn from them. "

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