"These assumptions are those of hunger and poverty, and alien to reality." This is how Santiago Morón has described the budget proposal that the Aragonese government has brought to the Chamber.

Below, we offer a summary of the intervention of the spokesperson for the VOX Parliamentary Group in Aragon:

"Like is logic, we will vote against of this budget bill. We have analyzed this Draft Budgets, and we can conclude that these budgets look like a patch of different scraps, darned in a hurry. We see multiple points, where this government sins greatly imprudence, despite claiming otherwise.

They are wrong when they say that these budgets are to deal with the pandemic and reactivate the economy. These budgets will reduce the middle class to unknown limits, that the self-employed and small businessmen will gradually disappear. This budget the only thing it aspires to is to increase the public sector, to make it the one-stop shop for payroll each month. With more unemployment, with more taxes and with less personal autonomy there will be less freedom. The Marxist, not social, essence of these budgets is that thousands of Aragonese depend on their aid, their minimum income and their subsidies.

Conditionality and uncertainty

Budgets are based primarily on a few non-financial income that depend correlatively on the estimates of multiple economic indicators. The conditionality based on uncertainty next year, which means that all macro indicators are presented with wide ranges of several percentage points. All, absolutely all reports, including the economic and financial report prepared by your government, are based on the conditionality and subjectivity, and several factors are noted in this regard:

  • The uncertainty surrounding the evolution of the pandemic and his management and how will affect the productive capacity of the economy and employment.
  • The arrival of the NEXT GENERATION funds and of the efficient application in the execution of the same.
  • Levels public deficit and public debt that there will be at the end of 2020, since the imbalances that originate in this year will have to be corrected in 2021 and after.

The worst government at the worst time

What a cannot do responsible government it is balancing public accounts with European funds. Because as we fear, if the European veto persists, there will be cash mismatches. Something that will mean non-payments to suppliers in the best of cases. Or increases in debt at worst. At the moment the arrival of these funds has as much consistency as water in a basket.

Deficit and public debt

How are we going to close this year 2020? Everything indicates, as the experts point out, that the Aragonese economy will also decline to levels of wealth or GDP close to or below those of 2016, and that this will lead to record figures of public deficit.

There is talk of public debt levels for Aragon of around 10,000 million euros, necessary to balance the final accounts for the year, that is, taking into account the fall in GDP, debt ratios are estimated close to 29% of the GDP.

Because the income base on which this project is sustained is very fragile. Like caught with pins, and nothing that changes the scenario will make these budgets fall like a house of cards.

The magic solution, what will it be? The one that is already today: the rise in the tax burden. The tax increase, which will be necessary to pay for all these excesses, all this unfathomable macro structure of public administrations, all this nonsense.

VOX Rating

The proposed budget for 2021 is continuist and in our opinion, he has not been brave, since it does not address the real problems of the current situation. This government, as we have already said, is oblivious to the Aragonese social reality.

The sense of our vote on the draft budget is going to be negative. Because it was born with significant deficiencies in items as relevant as the expenditure on personnel in several key departments. It does not address the increments required for exceptional circumstances. It does not include sufficient budget items to address all the needs for educational, health and social infrastructures.

Where is the social budget that they show off? With this budget, will the hunger queues disappear? We question it. We reject these estimates and we urge them to replace them with realistic accounts that look to the middle classes and the most disadvantaged and not to politicians.

You have to choose between the welfare state of citizens and the welfare state of politicians. Explain to the Aragonese that the the size of your administration will not be reduced by this pandemic, that the number of Senior officials and advisers will remain the same.

Why don't they reduce the number of ministries, senior positions, general managers and advisers, the number of inefficient public companies? Have you thought about lowering your salary? Will they explain that most of their advisers are communication experts to be able to sell what is unsaleable?

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