The Third Sector Platform (PTS), the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE), the Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises (CEPYME), the Spanish Business Confederation of Social Economy (CEPES), The Government of Spain and other companies such as Carrefour, Mapfre, ARPA, Ce Consulting, Forética, Grupo Social ONCE and Gestamp They have defended the need to create a “great alliance” to advance in the social reconstruction of the country through the Solidarity Company Tax Box.

This has been stated in a webinar, which took place this Wednesday and which was moderated by the PTS member of Communications, Paquita Saquillo, to give the starting gun to the ‘Now more than ever empreXas’ campaign led by the Third Sector Platform. The objective of the same, which starts today and will last until July 25, is that Spanish companies know the possibility of allocating the 0.7% of your Corporation Tax to finance social projects through the marking of the Solidarity Company Box, which can be found in models 200 (box 00073) and 220 (box 069) of this tax.

During the meeting, the president of the PTS, Luciano Poyato, has ensured that the action of the Third Sector is now more necessary than ever to rebuild the Welfare State and has stressed that the NGOs need business collaboration, and also from the public administration, to be able to do it with the maximum possible guarantee and solvency.

"Companies are a fundamental part of social welfare. They provide goods, services, employment, but they also constitute one more link in the bonds of solidarity that define us as a country ”, he stated. "Now they have the opportunity to go one step further and check the Solidarity Company Box to allocate 0.7% of the Corporation Tax to social purposes and express their commitment to the people who need it the most," he added.

For his part, the Secretary of State for Social Rights of the Government of Spain, Ignacio Álvarez, He has stated that this box is a great example of collaboration between the three main sectors of society: public administration, business and civil society. In this sense, it has ensured that the administrations have a commitment to innovate and the responsibility to collaborate with the Third Sector and with companies to advance and achieve social cohesion and more in a time of crisis derived from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Likewise, Álvarez has expressed that "from the Government we will help create a stable financing framework for the Third Sector" and stressed that "checking this box is not only a social issue, but an economic one that will serve to advance the country's social reconstruction "

In the webinar, the CEOE general secretary, José Alberto González-Ruiz, who has assured that "for companies, society and, above all, the most vulnerable people, they are a priority". “The opportunity offered to us with this initiative is one more tool that companies must take into account to demonstrate commitment to the whole of society to achieve greater unity between the business sector and non-profit entities to fight poverty and social exclusion, "he explained.

For his part, the CEPYME general secretary, Pedro Fernández Alén He highlighted the "commitment that medium and small companies have to the Sustainable Development Goals and especially to SDG 17 that fosters alliances." In this sense, it has trusted SMEs to "far exceed "the collection of 33 million euros achieved in the first year of the campaign (2019).

The president of the Spanish Business Confederation of Social Economy (CEPES), Juan Antonio Pedreño, has put on the table the commitment of the 42,000 companies in the social economy with society, and with the most vulnerable people, through the Solidarity Company Box to achieve a better future and "be an active part" of the social reconstruction of Spain so that no one is left behind.

Business commitment

In the second part of the act, the director of the Solidarity Foundation Carrefour, Maria Cid; the Corporate Director of Sustainability of Mapfre, Clara Bazán; the CEO of ARPA, Clara Arpa; the CEO of Ce Consulting, Luis Martín; the general director of Forética, Germán Grande; the director of Institutional Relations and Social Responsibility of the ONCE Social Group, Fernando Riaño; and the corporate director of Communication, Marketing and Institutional Relations of Gestamp, Miguel López-Quesada Those who have publicly supported this campaign and have agreed on the need for the entire Spanish business network to join.

Likewise, all of them have stated that in the current situation "we cannot afford not to step forward so that they are more and more resources that are destined to improve the quality of life of people in situations of inequality"

Finally, they have trusted that the alliances between NGOs, public administration and companies will serve, through the ticking of this box, to address the social reconstruction in a caring and sustainable way.

About the Third Sector Platform

Founded in January 2012 by seven of the most representative organizations in the social sphere in Spain (PVE, POAS, EAPN, CERMI, Red Cross, Cáritas and ONCE), the Platform has subsequently been joined by the Spanish NGO Coordinator the Children's Platform. Currently, it is made up of twenty organizations through which it represents nearly 28,000 entities in the social field.

About the campaign

The "More than ever, EmpreXas" campaign is part of the Communication Campaign project for companies to mark the X for social purposes in Corporate Tax, a project financed through the call for subsidies of 0.7% of the Ministry's Personal Income Tax of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare, corresponding to the year 2019.

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