Three arrested for kidnapping and harassing an illegal party waiter in Marbella for four days

One of the detainees drew an M with a razor on the victim's face to mark him with the initial of his nickname

The authors were dedicated to the organization of illegal parties throughout the Costa del Sol, where drugs and weapons were frequent

They exhibited the victim to those attending these parties to mock him and simulate his murder

The victim managed to flee full of wounds and bruises to Seville where he reported the events at a Civil Guard barracks

The Civil Guard, within the MARBELLUS operation, have arrested three people for kidnapping and harassing a waiter who worked for them at illegal parties in Marbella.

They are considered perpetrators of the crimes of kidnapping, serious injuries, drug trafficking, robbery with violence and intimidation, document falsification and identity theft.
The main people involved in the kidnapping were dedicated to organizing and holding illegal parties in luxury villas along the coast of the Costa del Sol, where they used to distribute drugs. They were known to sell so-called "balloons", which consist of balloons filled with nitrous oxide and whose consumption produces effects similar to those of some narcotic drugs.
The investigations began on July 1, when a young man, plagued with wounds and bruises, arrived at the Civil Guard Post of San Juan de Aznalfarache (Seville) to report having been detained in Marbella (Malaga) for four days against his will and demanding the payment of 10,000 euros for his release. The complainant presented an M-shaped face wound made with a razor, as well as other deeper cuts at different points on the body.

Pink cocaine, MDA and nitrous oxide parties

The victim worked as a waiter at parties organized by his kidnappers in luxury villas throughout the Costa del Sol. In these illegal events, all kinds of drugs were distributed, especially those known as pink cocaine and MDA, as well as balloons filled with rust. nitrous. They also displayed firearms.
At the end of one of these parties, one of those responsible accuses the kidnapped of having stolen money from the collection. Due to the various cuts and blows he receives, the victim loses consciousness on several occasions during the four days of his captivity.
The victim is threatened with a firearm and is transferred to various villages where they expose him, bound and gagged, as part of a "show" in which they simulate detonations of firearms when they explode balloons next to it. .
As payment for his release, the captors demanded a total of 10,000 euros in cash from the victim, forcing him to call different friends or family members to try to collect what was requested.
After the victim got his own father to deposit money into his checking account, the captors transferred him to several ATMs in Marbella to extract the money, always under strict surveillance.

Release and denunciation

In an oversight of his captors, the victim managed to escape from the ties with which they had tied him, and was able to escape with his car by ramming it against the garage door in which he was kidnapped. After this, he managed to reach the Civil Guard barracks in San Juan de Aznalfarache (Seville), where he denounced the events.
In the records of the house where he was kidnapped, the Civil Guard has found various narcotic substances for distribution, highlighting various doses of what is known as pink cocaine and also MDA. The detainees had a history of drug trafficking.
In the home of the other investigated, several cylinders loaded with nitrous oxide and falsified documentation are located, as well as handwritten notebooks, a multitude of mobile phones and prepaid cards, various airsoft weapons, two extendable fenders and two large machetes.
The investigation –which falls to the Investigative Court No. 3 of Marbella- is still open and new arrests are not ruled out. The Marbellus operation has been carried out by the Mairena del Aljarafe (Seville) Judicial Police Team.


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