Three Spanish companies have been highlighted for their good practices in the framework of the initiative "Good Business and Policy Examples for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth through Trade and Investment" of the Japanese presidency of the G20 of Ministers of Commerce and Digital Economy, held last weekend in Tsukuba (Japan).

In the session on "Promotion of trade and investment that contributes to sustainable and inclusive growth," the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism in office, Reyes Maroto mentioned three success stories of Spanish-owned companies that operate according to the principles of sustainable and inclusive growth. The three business projects have the financing of the Fondo FIEM (Fund for the Internationalization of Spanish Companies).

Fuerza y ​​Energía Limpia de Tizimín has developed a wind farm that sells energy in Mexican territory. Siemens GAMESA has supplied the wind mills. Its excellent results will continue with a second phase and other projects in the country, which benefits because this type of energy contributes to reduce pollution.

Quantis Global has agreed with the Ministry of Education of Benin to supply high capacity satellite computers and connections to three hundred schools. Likewise, photovoltaic energy production systems will be installed in rural villages that do not have electricity. Thanks to this initiative, girls and boys from these areas can receive classes via the Internet and in an inclusive manner.

Everis Aerospace and Defense has installed a thousand driving simulators in driving schools in Brazil. The classes are developed in these simulators, which reduces the cost for the students and decreases not only the pollution in the cities, but also the risk of accidents.

Reyes Maroto affirmed the Government's commitment to gender equality as an essential lever to move towards inclusive trade and support for the inclusion of specific chapters in the negotiations of Free Trade Agreements by the European Union. He also stressed that Spain is introducing chapters on the defense of labor rights, the fight against corruption and climate change and corporate responsibility in its negotiations of present and future bilateral agreements.

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