To the sound of Harry Potter, VOX conjures up an improvement of school space with the grinding students. La Muela is another of the Zaragoza localities where the AMPA, parents, students and different associations and political groups, claim the lack of space in schools and institutes. More in order to alleviate the effects of COVID-19.

And VOX has also been here, in support of all the muelanos. Especially for boys and girls of school age. Accompanying them in their rallies and demands and criticizing the policy that the autonomous government of Lambán currently carries out, for education purposes.

Today's concentration, at the Gil Tarín primary school. With Harry Potter music in the background, and the boys dressed in the manner of Hogwarts actors. Protected by members of the AMPA, they have made a hopeful spell in favor of a better quality of Teaching.

"Mom, if you knew the conditions under which they teach us at school, you would never bring me." This is how a child addressed his mother and was remembered by one of those responsible for the rally as a critic at said demonstration in front of the Tarín. And it was configured as a slogan to fight against the deplorable conditions in which the more than 750 students of said school find themselves, whose space was only allocated to a maximum of 450.

A fight that for the AMPA "is a long-distance race." It will not rebel as they say in these lands. And week after week, they will continue to remind the DGA Department of Teaching that homework is not done.

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