These are the provisional selected names, in the absence of confirming acceptance of the prize and / or if they meet the requirements to participate


Winner's Name 1: Nicolas Poblete

Reservation name 1: Francisco Javier VC

Name of reservation 2: Bárbara Martínez

Winner's Name 2: César Iglesias Marini

Reserve Name 1: Tai Lithir

Reserve Name 2: Dani Marques de Caceres


Winner's Name 1: @ Iaki85150083

Reservation name 1 @ NX9SKT7

Reserve Name 2 @Freakcion

Winner's Name 2: @ AlfonsoCuesta9

Reservation name 1 @ 26Maria9323

Reservation name 2 @ almoma82

We remind you of the key bases on winners, reservations and conditions of participation (if any selected does not comply, they will be automatically excluded from the Promotion).

The winner must respond to the communications made by Planeta accepting the prize and confirming the delivery address that appears in our BB.DD, within 5 business days (the prize will be sent to the winner by postal mail), in In the event that it does not, the first winner will be contacted in reserve, and so on.

The participation requirements will be as follows:

* Reside in Spanish national territory including the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.

* Be a natural person, over 18 years old.

If it is evident that any of the participants does not comply with the requirements set forth in the Terms, that the participation had been made after the dates indicated above, or that the data provided to participate were not valid, their participation will be considered null and void. automatically excluded from the Promotion losing all rights to the prizes awarded under this Promotion.


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