El diputado del GPP en el Congreso de los Diputados, Tomas Cabezón

Holders of his speech:

  • The GPP spokesman at the Toledo Pact Commission to the Minister of Social Security, Inclusion and Migration: "Do you guarantee the timely payment of all pensions to all pensioners in the country? Do you guarantee that pensions will not be frozen again, as the PSOE government has already done?
  • He recalls "that to maintain Social Security, it is necessary to have contributors", for which he warns that "either the Government protects and truly helps companies, the self-employed and workers, or the system will be in serious danger".
  • “From the day after the 8-M demonstration until the end of the month, almost 900,000 jobs have been destroyed. As of March 31, there are 18,445,436 contributors, which means that 598,141 jobs have been destroyed in the last year, ”he regrets.
  • He accuses the Executive of "under the justification of preserving employment, what they do is put it at serious risk, because employment is facilitated by companies and if they disappear, employment disappears, and therefore the contributors".
  • He warns that “in a situation like the one we are suffering, the vulnerable population cannot be ignored, but it is essential not to make those who are not vulnerable vulnerable, and that is what will happen if jobs are lost "
  • He affirms that "the Government repeats that it is not going to leave anyone behind, but the reality is that too many groups are already being left behind", so it calls on the Government to attend to the "multiple groups that are launching an SOS: autonomous , workers in situations of ERTEs, Kellys and mothers who complete their maternity leave in March and April who will not be able to take advantage of the benefit for cessation of activity ”.
  • He denounces that "the absence of reforms, some erroneous measures, the waste of public resources and the misalignment of public accounts have placed us in a situation of special vulnerability prior to the coronavirus crisis."
  • He assures that “the last decrees contain a series of measures that make it more costly for our productive fabric to deal with this situation. And making the crisis more costly for companies is the best way to make it much more difficult for them to survive. "
  • It calls on the government not to punish companies "with measures that involve costs in periods when they lose their income, do not give them financing with one hand to collect taxes from them with the other."

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