Device Objectives

  • The device launched has as its main objectives:
  • Facilitate the mobility and fluidity of traffic, as well as ensure its road safety on the roads, access to tourist and mountain areas and access to large urban centers, where massive displacements of vehicles are expected.
  • Maintain proper road safety and traffic conditions for all types of vehicles on roads with sections or areas affected by adverse weather conditions.
  • Continuous information on any incident on the road through the 011 telephone, Internet, twitter and in the newsletters of the radio stations.
  • Help and monitor road users through Civil Guard Traffic Group agents, helicopters and television cameras of the DGT.

To carry out this entire device, the DGT has the services of more than 800 officials and specialized technical personnel that attend the Traffic Management Centers; all available agents of the Civil Guard Traffic Association and more than 13,000 employees of conservation companies, concessioned roads under the Ministry of Development and the rest of the owners of roads and emergency services personnel both sanitary and firefighters

At the service of the citizen

To avoid accidents, the DGT will deploy all human and material resources at its disposal to monitor the correct behavior of drivers on the road.

  • Intensification of alcohol and drug preventive controls at any time of day and on any road.
  • Use of cameras on the road to monitor the use of the belt and the mobile behind the wheel.
  • Circulation of vehicles camouflaged on the roads that will monitor compliance with traffic regulations, with special emphasis on monitoring the use of mobile phones at the wheel.
  • Monitoring of compliance with speed limits, whose control will be carried out through fixed speed cameras and mobile speed cameras that go in vehicles of the Traffic Group.
  • From the air, surveillance will be carried out with the helicopters and drones available to the DGT

Each and every one of these means and measures are to avoid infractions such as those shown in the videos attached to this note and avoid accidents.

Simple gestures that can prevent accidents

  • Better slower, especially on conventional roads.
  • Special attention when leaving the highways and highways and entering the conventional roads and special attention also on the short journeys between the conventional roads linking summer resorts.
  • If you drink, do not drive and if someone in the group with whom you have drunk is your responsibility not to let him drive.
  • Turn off the phone if you are going to drive or put the car mode on those devices that have it incorporated. There is nothing I can't wait for. Also, if you leave as a passenger, do not let the driver manipulate the mobile.
  • Wear a seat belt and children in your child restraint system.
  • Stop every two hours on long journeys to rest. Driving fatigue is a bad ally.

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