Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda advances in the commitment to digitalization and modernization of the transport sector

The modification of the Regulations of the Land Transportation Law by the RD 70/2019, has already opened the possibility that the control documentation, to be carried by the carriers in the vehicle, can be done electronically.

To do this, the media and applications used must allow the transformation of their content into legible writing signs. Additionally, it is necessary to set the characteristics in order to guarantee the availability, integrity, inalterability and inviolability of its content.

Therefore, the General Directorate of Land Transportation has issued a resolution establishing the characteristics that must be met by computer media and applications, as well as the requirements to obtain copies of control documentation in electronic support by the Inspection Services and by the agents of the surveillance forces of road transport, in the event that a possible infraction is detected.

The implementation of this control system allows the elimination of paper documentation to be carried by carriers and will speed up road control systems.

Since its use is not mandatory, it is allowed that those transporters who wish to continue carrying paper documentation and gradually adapt to the new systems.

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