Tribute on Hospitality Day 2020 and presentation of the "Makro Study on Hospitality and Consumer Affairs"

On Tuesday, October 13, the president of the Tourism, Culture and Sports Council and CEOE Internacional, Marta Blanco, participated in the 2020 hospitality day tribute organized by the wholesale distribution company MAKRO.

The objective of this event was to commemorate the work of the sector in the hands of its main economic agents. Likewise, the “MAKRO Study on Hospitality and Consumer Affairs” was presented, through which the consumer's opinion on the adaptation of the hospitality industry to the new reality was shown, as well as different trends.

This event was also attended by José Luis Yzuel, president of HOSTELERÍA DE ESPAÑA; Pepa Muñoz, chef and president of FACYRE: Federation of Associations of Cooks and Confectioners of Spain; Peter Gries, Managing Director of MAKRO Spain; Chema León, Marketing Director of MAKRO Spain and Marta Pérez Postigo, Head of Communication and CSR of MAKRO Spain.

Speech by the president of the Tourism, Culture and Sports Council:

Marta Blanco thanked MAKRO for organizing the 2020 Hospitality Day. For CEOE, it is essential to join this conference to claim the weight and business relevance of the sector in the Spanish economy.

The hotel industry is a very important engine for the Spanish economy, since it accounts for 6.2% of GDP. It also has 300,000 establishments distributed throughout the national territory and generates a large amount of employment. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain these figures and preserve its business fabric made up of a long value chain.

On the other hand, the situation has provided the opportunity to transfer to other countries and to international organizations the performance of the hospitality industry in terms of adaptation to current circumstances, such as protocols and the incorporation of digital tools. The national hospitality sector is, without a doubt, a reference.

The hospitality industry has managed to generate trust in its customers. However, this required a significant investment, which has made it possible to guarantee safety. All of this has generated an intangible asset that improves our country as a tourist destination.

Finally, the president stressed that the sector needs measures in the short, medium and long term. We must continue to claim aid to combat the current lack of income. However, the hotel industry needs a long-term strategy and to be included in the tourism macro-project related to European funds.

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