In the context of the trilateral talks that are taking place in Washington D.C. between the EU, the US UU. and Japan, BusinessEurope, the United States Chamber of Commerce and Keidanren issued a joint statement in which they asked the three economies to propose concrete measures that would restore the level playing field with regard to anti-competitive practices.

In the declaration, the three economic powers are asked to progress in the negotiation of new rules adapted to the reality of the current global economy, capable of dealing with anti-competitive practices, specifically in areas such as industrial subsidies, state enterprises and the forced transfer of technology. The three signatory business organizations believe that these proposals aimed at updating the body of rules would contribute to the modernization efforts of the WTO, as well as maintain and reform the multilateral trading system.

For more information:

  • Consult joint declaration signed by BusinessEurope, the United States Chamber of Commerce and Keidanren.

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