Turespaña launches in the UK "We have Spain in common", a social media campaign whose goal is to build loyalty to British tourists and create a sense of confidence in our destiny.

With this campaign we want to underline that, whether you are a British leaver (in favor of leaving the EU) as a remainer (in favor of staying in the EU), you will always agree on one thing: that Spain is the favorite destination to enjoy your vacations. The chosen advertising format is short and dynamic videos adapted to each social network, and the chosen channel is the mobile.

"With this campaign we want to avoid misinformation in our main issuing market and transmit to British citizens that Spain is prepared to receive them just like now and offer them a varied, sustainable and quality offer," said the president of Turespaña, Isabel Oliver .

It has created a microsite where you can see all the videos of the campaign, as well as obtain official information about the Brexit, in order to solve any doubts that may have British tourists who decide to travel to Spain (visas, pets, etc.).

The campaign highlights that Spain, besides being a destination with enviable temperatures and beaches, also offers an added value to tourists for its culture, its gastronomy and the quality of its services. The target audience of the campaign are families with children, young people traveling in groups (friends) and seniors.

With this action, Turespaña continues and reinforces its network strategy in the British market. Already in 2017, the "Spain in my Heart" campaign impacted more than six million users. And in 2018 the United Kingdom was also the subject of the social media campaign, "Spain in 10 seconds", in which 15 internationally recognized Spanish celebrities, including Rafa Nadal, Elsa Pataky and Plácido Domingo, shared with their fans what they liked best. They liked Spain and encouraged them to also explain their experiences on the networks.

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