The Spanish Tourism Institute (TURESPAÑA), a body dependent on the Secretary of State for Tourism, today presented a new panel with the most relevant and recent data on the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, the rate of vaccination achieved, the evolution of flight searches to Spain carried out from all over the world and from each of the markets analyzed, and data on the perception of safety in Spain as a destination.

Aimed at professionals in the tourism sector, it brings together data from up to 30 of the most relevant countries for Spain as source of tourism in a single graphic visualization platform.

The panel collects, in relation to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the 14-day incidence rates per 100,000 inhabitants in each of the markets contemplated and in Spain and the percentages of the population that have received a dose of the vaccine, as well as the percentage of those who have received the complete vaccination schedule, all of which refer to the last 8 weeks.

Flight search evolution

In relation to flight searches, this tool reflects the evolution of the daily search variation index for roundtrip or multi-destination flights to Spain, in a 7-day moving average from the selected country or countries, during the last 8 weeks compared with identical weeks of 2020.

The application allows both the consultation of the global data and the data of each country, being possible the simultaneous selection and comparison of up to 10 markets of origin. This index has been developed in collaboration with the flight meta-search engine “Skyscanner” and will be operational until August 31, 2021.

Perception of security

Finally, the panel includes a fourth graph that reflects the variation index of the perception of safety in Spain as a tourist destination.

This index measures the level of trust shown by visitors and potential visitors to our country and is calculated using natural language processing techniques, artificial intelligence and machine learning, on millions of spontaneous and real-time tourist mentions on social networks. This index is the result of TURESPAÑA's collaboration with the Spanish “big data” analysis company MABRIAN and with MASTERCARD Spain.

On the other hand, and simultaneously, TURESPAÑA has presented a series of 3 dynamic reports that reflect in an interactive and simple graphical interface, annual information on the flow of travelers and characteristics of tourists, as well as monthly information on the situation, from 26 of the main source markets for tourism to Spain. This information reflects different statistical sources and estimates based on them from 2016 to the latest available date.

The Government thus makes new market intelligence tools available to the Spanish tourism sector, aligned with the commitment to improve the tourism knowledge and intelligence model included in the Plan for the Promotion of the Spanish Tourism Sector.

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