Today, in the Turkish town of Macka-Trabzon, the exhumation of human remains found at the place where the accident occurred in 2003 took place.

The exhumation, carried out by the competent Turkish judicial authorities, has been carried out in the presence of the consul of Spain in Ankara. It is planned that these remains be sent to the Forensic Anatomical Institute of Istanbul.

It has also been possible to determine reliably the presence in said Institute of other human remains, extracted at the time for purposes of DNA identification, from the aforementioned air crash.

The Spanish Government has agreed with the Turkish authorities that, in the shortest possible time, the official delivery of all these remains to the Spanish consular authorities, with the purpose of repatriation to Spain.

All these activities are being carried out under the authority of the head judge of the Central Court of Instruction number 3 of the National Court, María Tardón Olmos.

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