The social network has blocked the account of the third political party in Spain by a message against Adriana Lastra.

Twitter has censored the VOX Spain account on social networks for defending itself against the accusations of the socialist Adriana Lastra. The Deputy Secretary of Communication, Manuel Mariscal, explained that the party's response was motivated because «we consider that the application of laws and educational programs, such as the Skolae program in Navarra, translates into minors accessing, without parental knowledge and consent, practices and information of sexual content ».

The social network has blocked the account of the third political party in Spain using «hate speech» for a message against the government of Pedro Sánchez. The day the aforementioned message was published, Twitter warned the Communication department that "they were receiving complaints against the tweet, but that there was no breach of the rules."

«Why did Twitter change its mind? Did you get pressure from some lobbies? Maybe from the Government itself? ”Mariscal asked himself, who has warned that since formation they are not willing to erase the message:“ We are a legally constituted party, we are third political force in Spain, we represent more than 3.6 Millions of voters and, like us, thousands of Spanish citizens are suffering censorship on Twitter and other social networks. And we say enough ».

"From VOX we demand that Twitter publicly explain why it prevents a Spanish political party from exercising its right to freedom of expression (included in our Constitution) and why it keeps its account closed," Mariscal said.

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