Two men linked to white supremacy arrested who wanted to finance armed groups through the trafficking of psychotropic substances

The operation is part of the investigation against white supremacy that began at the end of 2019 and that on September 11 led to the arrest of two men in Pobla de Cèrvoles (Lleida) and in Campello (Alicante)

The new arrests, supervised by the Court of Instruction 4 of Lleida, have been practiced in the towns of Ronda (Málaga) and Pamplona (Navarra)

In the messages broadcast on the networks, they expressed the intention of stocking up on weapons and preparing for what they called "the race war", with the intention of provoking an attack.

Agents of the Civil Guard and the Mossos d'Esquadra, have arrested two people, of Spanish nationality, linked to white supremacy, as alleged perpetrators of crimes of incitement to hatred against foreigners, possession of weapons and explosives, glorification of terrorism racist and against public health.

These new arrests are part of the same investigation against white supremacy that was precipitated on September 11 after learning that one of those investigated intended to supply chemical substances to inhibit the will of a woman in order to have sexual relations. In that police device, two men, of Spanish nationality, were arrested in Pobla de Cérvoles (Les Garrigues) and in Campello (Alicante).
The investigation began at the end of 2019, when a document published by one of those investigated was found on the internet, as an ideology and programmatic guide, which had many elements in common with other writings by terrorists linked to white supremacy.
All those investigated are linked to this racist ideology that defends the superiority of the white race over the rest. Investigative efforts revealed how the four detainees incited similar attacks, especially against people of other races.
On this occasion, the investigators have verified that the detainees sought, through the cultivation and sale of psychotropic substances, to obtain financing mechanisms that would allow them to create, together with the rest of the group, "isolated and armed white communities."
The investigation has made it possible to identify the two new detainees who participated in the events. These people occupied a hierarchical level, within the broadcast channels, similar to that of the first detainees. The arrests of this second operation have been carried out on December 10 in Pamplona (Navarra) and Ronda (Málaga), a town where an entry and search was also carried out at the home of one of the detainees. The agents intervened various symbols of a National Socialist nature, narcotic substances, knives and computer equipment.
Investigators have also been able to verify that the detainees base their supremacist ideology on three aspects: "Their marked white nationalism that they justify with a scientific basis that positions whites above the rest of human races." Second, "its anti-system stance"; they consider that the current ruling political class wants to harm the whites and therefore favors clandestine North African immigration to Europe. Finally, as a third relevant aspect, "the justification of the use of violence" and "the praise of terrorist actions produced against immigrants or non-white groups".

Spread your ideas through websites

His activity consisted of disseminating these ideas on websites and on different instant messaging channels. With their profiles, they were dedicated to spreading messages of racist content against other groups based on their race, origin, beliefs, political manifestations, sex or sexual orientation. They also published messages praising terrorists such as Brenton Tarrant, author of the murder of 51 people in two mosques in the city of Christchurch (New Zealand) on March 15, 2019.
On the other hand, they defended in their messages and in documents they had published, the creation of isolated and self-sufficient "white communities" in rural settings. They declared their intention to stock up on weapons and prepare for what they called "the race war", which they expected immediately and believed that they could provoke them if they lit the spark through an attack. As they said and defended, preparing for this conflict would be the only way in which the white race could survive the arrival of other groups of foreigners that, always according to their manifestations, is currently taking place on a massive scale in Western countries.
With the aim of creating one of these communities, two of those investigated, who were arrested on September 11, lived for a few months in two isolated houses in the town of Pobla de Cérvoles (Les Garrigues). In the first device of September these two people were arrested, one of them in that same town and the other in El Campello (Alicante).
During the investigation, supervised by the Court of Instruction 4 of Lleida, it was possible to identify the people behind the virtual users, the details of the criminal activity of those investigated on the network were collected and the alleged isolated community that they intended to create.
This operation is considered of special relevance for investigators, given the growing extremism of far-right White Nationalism, which poses a clear threat to security in the short and medium term.
The detainees have gone to court and have been released with charges with the obligation to appear to sign periodically in court.


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