Two migrants hidden in double bottoms of a car rescued in Melilla

The two people – a man and a woman of sub-Saharan origin – had symptoms of dehydration and numbness

There are two people arrested for these events, which happened last Saturday at the border of Beni Enzar

The Civil Guard has rescued two migrants traveling hidden in double bottoms of a vehicle on the border of Beni Enzar (Melilla). These two people – a man and a woman of sub-Saharan origin – were located in two car cavities located behind the rear seats and on the dashboard. For these facts, which occurred on Saturday 23, there are two people arrested – of Moroccan nationality – who are charged with a crime of trafficking in persons.

The Civil Guard proceeded to inspect your vehicle, with Moroccan registration. After requesting the driver to stop the vehicle, the agent tells him to proceed to the opening of the trunk, observing that the woman was quite nervous.

Abnormal dimensions

After observing that the trunk had abnormal dimensions with the vehicle model, the rear seats were folded down and a manipulation of the area was detected. Once the armrest is open, a woman is located hidden placed transversely inside the armchair. The first victim found is immediately helped.
After continuing with the vehicle registration, the civil guards located a double bottom located on the front of the vehicle, where the second migrant was hidden and occupying the entire width of the dashboard.
The liberation of the man was more difficult due to the reduced space in which he was, between the dashboard and the engine. This person was immobilized by ties, with his back and head between the active parts of the engine.


The two assisted persons had obvious symptoms of disorientation, sweating, numbness and difficulty walking. In addition, they were exposed to the toxic gases expelled by the vehicle. The two were treated by the health services at the scene.
The two rescued people are 19 years old and are natives of Guinea. In application to the current legislation on foreigners, they were transferred to the CETI of Melilla.
For more information, contact the Press Office of the Civil Guard at 952696033, extension 1112.


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