The Council of Ministers approved this Friday the Minimum Life Income. This is a historic step in the construction of the Welfare State in our country that will benefit around 425,000 households with dependent sons and daughters, half of the total beneficiaries and of which around 100,000 are single-parent households.

The High Commissioner for the Fight against Child Poverty estimates that this benefit will allow more than 400,000 children and adolescents to get out of very high poverty, a 65% reduction in very high child poverty (two out of three) and a very important impact on the quality of life of their homes. This reduction can reach 90% of children and adolescents in single-parent homes.

Ernesto Gasco, High Commissioner for the Fight against Child Poverty, points out that "this benefit is an extraordinary advance that is going to represent a very important boost in the fight against child poverty. We especially appreciate that those households that receive child benefit. In this crisis situation, the most vulnerable households will be able to receive this aid quickly and expeditiously. "

This measure completes the income protection network for people in situations of maximum vulnerability, guaranteeing a minimum amount depending on the composition of the household. This non-contributory Social Security benefit is compatible with employment and will promote the monitoring of social inclusion itineraries.

The High Commissioner for the Fight against Child Poverty has promoted since its creation, in June 2018, this much-needed and expected measure. The approval of the minimum vital income meets the objectives of the National Strategy for the Prevention and Fight against poverty and social exclusion 2019-2023 and with the country-specific recommendations of the European Union within the framework of the European Semester. The Autonomous Communities may complement this guaranteed state minimum with their own income guarantee programs according to their particularities.

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