Ana Maiques and Laura González have been selected from among more than 600 candidates to be part of this European structure for the coordination and promotion of innovation.

Two Spaniards have been selected to be part of the first Advisory Board of the European Innovation Council (EIC), which will be made up of 22 people chosen for their abilities among more than 600 candidates.

The economist Ana Maiques, co-founder and CEO of Neuroelectrics, and Laura González, CEO and founder of TheVentureCity, will be in this group, responsible for planning and developing EIC actions, designing their strategy and increasing their visibility, strengthening the European innovation ecosystem or promote the attractiveness of Europe to address disruptive innovation.

The EIC supports innovators, entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises and researchers with good ideas and ambition to make them grow internationally. Inside the program Horizon 2020, reinforces the initiatives that provide funding, advice and networking opportunities for those at the forefront of innovation. With the appointment of the two Spanish companies, our country ensures a prominent presence in the design of the near future of European innovation

Ana Maiques received the European prize for innovative women of the EC in 2014 for her ability to transfer cutting-edge science to the market and was nominated by IESE as one of the most influential entrepreneurs in less than 40 years in Spain. Laura González opened the Spanish Facebook office and was its first executive in southern Europe.

Spanish SMEs

The European Commission has also announced that twelve Spanish SMEs out of a total of 83 companies they have obtained funding in the last round of the EIC acceleration pilot aid, which has a total of 149 million euros.

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