Two synthetic drug laboratories that sold online were dismantled in Menorca

The Civil Guard has seized 10 kilos of already manufactured narcotic substances, 150 liters and 26 kilos of chemical products to make substances

The detainee, who received the orders on his social networks, sent the drug by parcel to all of Spain

The Civil Guard has dismantled two laboratories in Menorca dedicated to the artisan manufacture of synthetic drugs. The Erlenmeyer operation has resulted in the arrest of the person who was in charge of both manufacturing and distributing the amphetamines.

The first laboratory discovered by the Civil Guard was in an isolated house in the town of Alaior. Civil guards of the Judicial Police were dismantling the facility and were in charge of the investigation to locate and arrest the author.

The researchers locate the person responsible for the laboratory and verify how it continued with the production of narcotic substances, this time in a second laboratory located in the town of Ciutadella.

These facilities were prepared with all the utensils and products of a chemical laboratory and in it, amphetamines were manufactured – starting from the appropriate chemicals – for their subsequent distribution.

Among the seized objects, the Civil Guard has found all kinds of gadgets to manufacture the drug: test tubes, flask, test tubes, funnels, refrigerant, tablet machines, etc.

Among the products found in the registry were ketones, hydrochloric acid, ether, chloroform, or acetic acid. Most of them are very dangerous, since their incorrect use and without adequate safety measures can cause an explosion. Furthermore, the trafficker had precarious production conditions, which could have caused damage to people or adjacent houses.

Online orders

Once the synthetic drug was manufactured, the detainee distributed it throughout Spain through parcel companies. For this, interested consumers contacted the detainee through social networks to carry out the order. The Civil Guard has so far verified the shipment of more than 500 batches of drugs to different parts of the national geography, a figure that will increase as the investigation has not been completed.

The operation has been carried out by civil guards from the Mahón Civil Guard Judicial Police Team, the Menorca company and the Mercadal post.

For more information, you can contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Civil Guard in Illes Balears, on the telephone number 620 271 422.


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