Luís Felipe Ulecia, Deputy Secretary for Youth, accompanied by Alberto Tarradas, Provincial President of Gerona, spent the weekend accompanying the young people of Tarragona during a whole day that began in the Rambla Lluís Companys where an information table was installed so that the young people from the province could come and learn about the VOX project. Among other statements, Luís wanted to send a message to all young independentistas "it is important that they get informed, because we do not hate them, we do not want confrontation, we want unity in a country that belongs to everyone."

In the afternoon the youth team, accompanied by members of the CEP, walked through the Upper Part of Tarragona, an area very affected by squats, menas and crime, where affected people told first-hand the experiences suffered by foreign criminals and the abandonment by of the Tarragona City Council that does not put letters in the matter.

Foreign criminals and ore, destroy, appropriate and burn our houses. Kicking them out is a priority

Ulecia said that "I have heard heartbreaking testimonies from some neighbors who feel defenseless and who do not feel the support of the institutions." And he recalled that “Tarragona is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and it is unacceptable that houses are bricked up and in poor condition at the epicenter of the city. We cannot continue to allow criminals, foreign criminals and menas, to destroy, appropriate and burn our houses and sow insecurity in our streets. Kicking them out is a priority ”.

On the other hand, Luís Felipe, alluded to the grotesque image of many Catalan municipalities full of separatist trash and, according to what he informs us, wanted to participate actively together with Alberto and the young people of Tarragona in the removal of pro-independence symbols that were located in public spaces. "Public spaces must be free of symbolism and much more of a symbolism born of deception that sows hatred and confrontation between brothers."

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