• The total number of unemployed is below four million for the first time since the end of 2008
  • The unemployment rate is reduced to 17.2%, the lowest since the first quarter of 2009 and almost ten points less than the maximum
  • The total number of employed people rises to 18,813 million, which means that about two million jobs have already been recovered
  • Most of the employment created in the last year is full time and is concentrated in the private sector
  • Households with all their active members unemployed fall by 117,100, up to 1,277 million, the lowest figure in almost eight years

The number of unemployed fell by 340,700 people in the second quarter of the year, a record that has been a record since the Active Population Survey (EPA) is published, according to data published by the INE. In the year as a whole, the number of unemployed was reduced by 660,400 (14.4%) and the total unemployed fell from four million (up to 3,914 million). The unemployment rate falls to 17.22%, the lowest since the beginning of 2009 and almost three points less than a year ago. Employment increases by 375,000 employed in the quarter and 512,300 in the whole year, an acceleration in the annual rate of more than half a point, up to 2.8%. All employment created in the quarter is full-time and most of it is concentrated in the private sector. The number of employed people rises to 18,813 million, the highest figure since 2010.

The EPA figures reflect the dynamism of the Spanish economy, whose growth exceeds 3% in the first part of the year. The historical fall in unemployment stands out for any quarter of the year since the EPA is published and the acceleration in the rate of job creation. These results represent a great advance in the objective of recovering the figures of the labor market that existed in Spain before the crisis. The Government's forecast is that at the end of 2019 the number of employed persons exceeds 20 million and that a year later the unemployment rate be reduced to 11%. Of the more than 3.5 million jobs lost in the crisis, nearly two million have been recovered (1.86), the number of unemployed has been reduced by 2.4 million and the unemployment rate has been cut by almost ten points from the maximum reached in the first quarter of 2013.

In the second quarter of the year the number of unemployed has decreased by 340,700 people, compared to a drop of 216,700 a year earlier. It descends in all sectors, especially in services (144,000 less unemployed) partly because Holy Week was celebrated in the month of April. The number of long-term unemployed has also dropped (142,900 people who lost their jobs more than a year ago) and increased by 9,100 among those seeking the first job. In the last 12 months unemployment has been reduced by 660,400 people (14.4% less compared to 11.2% the previous quarter). The number of unemployed people who lost their job more than a year ago is reduced by 426,100 and 59,000 among those seeking the first job.

The occupation increased by 375,000 people in the second quarter, compared to a rise of 271,400 a year ago. Most have been concentrated in the private sector and are full-time jobs, with temporary contracts (255,900 employees) and indefinite (93,600), and in all non-agricultural sectors, especially services. In annual terms, the rate of job creation is increased by half a point, up to 2.8%, with 512,300 new employees, almost entirely in the private sector (98.3%), with full-time jobs (443,300 more ) to a greater extent than part-time (69,000 more) and with more temporary contracts (299,700) than indefinite (202,800). The temporary employment rate stands at 26.81%, which is more than one point higher than a year ago.

The situation of households with all their active members unemployed has improved both in the quarter and in the last year. In the second quarter this figure has been reduced by 117,100, to 1,277 million, the lowest record since the fourth quarter of 2009. On the other hand, the number of households in which all its active members are employed increases by 269,200, up to 10, 1 million In the last year, the number of households with at least one asset in which all assets are unemployed has decreased by 216,200, while those with all their assets occupied have grown by 439,000.

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