• The number of employees exceeds 19.5 million people in the third quarter, the highest figure for 10 years
  • In the last 12 months, employment has grown by 478,800 people and in the third quarter the number of employees has increased by 183,900
  • The number of unemployed continues to reduce at annual rates above 10% and in the last twelve months has decreased by 405,800 people
  • In the last year, the number of households with all unemployed assets has been reduced by 110,200 and those with all employed increase by 315,800

The number of employed persons stood at 19,528,000 people in the third quarter of 2018, according to data from the Active Population Survey (EPA) published today by the National Statistics Institute (INE). This is the highest figure since the end of 2008, which shows the sustained recovery of the labor market.

In the last year, employment has grown by 478,800 people, with an increase of 2.51% year-on-year. In the third quarter the number of employed persons has increased by 183,900 people, which represents a growth of 0.95% compared to the previous quarter.

It should be noted that in the third quarter the percentage of persons employed part-time has been reduced by 1.09 points, reaching 13.90%. Salaried employment increased by 176,300 people in this period, with a greater prominence of temporary hiring (151,000) versus indefinite (25,300). As a result of this evolution, the temporary employment rate increases by 63 cents compared to the previous quarter and stands at 27.43%. However, in annual terms it remains constant.

By sectors, the third quarter maintains the growth tonic of the previous periods, registering increases in employment in Services (210,200 more), in Construction (24,900) and in Industry (2,800). On the contrary, the Agricultural sector recorded 54,000 fewer employees in this quarter, due largely to the seasonal nature of employment is this branch in the third quarters of each year.

The creation of employment in this period is widespread in practically all the Communities, except in the Basque Country, highlighting the positive evolution in the Balearic Islands, with 57,500 more employed, Catalonia, with 33,500, the Canary Islands and Castilla-La Mancha.

The unemployment rate falls below the 15% threshold

The number of unemployed has decreased by 164,100 people in the third quarter, standing at 3,326,000. Unemployment continues to fall at annual rates above 10%, which shows the ability of the Spanish economy to generate employment. In the last twelve months unemployment has decreased by 405,800 people.

This reduction has allowed the unemployment rate to drop to 14.55%, being below the 15% threshold for the first time since the end of 2008. In the last year the rate has dropped 1.83 points.

Although during the third quarter the number of women unemployed has been reduced more than that of men, the female unemployment rate stands at 16.22% and is still more than three times higher than the male, which reaches 13, 12%

During this period, unemployment drops by 129,300 people among those who lost their jobs more than a year ago and increased by 8,500 among people looking for their first job.

In the last year, the number of households with all unemployed assets has been reduced by 110,200, while those with all their members occupied have grown by 315,800.

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