Insurance wants to attract the best professionals. To achieve this, it has decided to reinforce the initiative An assured future. This project seeks to provide the insurance industry with greater visibility as a professional outlet and is especially aimed at young people. Both those who are studying and those who have already started their professional career.

The development of An assured future is part of the Somos Seguros program, the initiative to promote the social value of Spanish insurance. This online portal has been redesigned and, as of today, It incorporates five reasons why it is worth working on insurance.

The first element that makes insurance attractive is the social value of the activity itself. This is an industry that solves 16,000 people's problems every hour. In addition, corporate volunteering is favored. Nearly 13,000 employees participated in one of the 900 initiatives launched by insurers last year.

The second term that is exposed on the site is the importance of technology in the assurance process. Digitalization is a reality in insurance today and will gain presence as technologies such as Big Data, artificial intelligence, machine learning or blockchain are assimilated.

The third reason why it is interesting to work in insurance is working conditions: indefinite contract, good pay, continuous training … Policies such as these make 84% of insurance employees declare feeling "at ease" in their jobs.

Fourth, the plurality of the job offer stands out. The insurance uses very varied professional profiles for your day to day. Programming and database experts, economists, graduates in business administration and management, marketing and communication specialists, mathematicians, statisticians, lawyers, engineers … They all have an outlet in the sector.

Finally, the site highlights the economic importance of the industry. Insurance is a leading sector. It accounts for 5.3% of Spanish GDP and is behind 129,000 direct and indirect jobs in Spain, according to the Active Population Survey.

How is the work environment
The portal also discloses some survey data. This is how we were prepared last spring by ICEA to learn what the employees of the insurance in their work environment think. This anonymous survey, in which about 4,400 workers from 73 companies participated voluntarily, describes a stable work environment, where continuous training is committed and in which there are truly attractive functions. For reasons like these, three out of four employees would recommend working in insurance.

Another novelty that incorporates the portal of An assured future is the creation of a directory with contact details for labor issues of insurers in Spain. The site includes the web pages or emails of the people management departments of the entities. All in a single point of information so that, who is interested in working in this industry, know where you can find out about existing job offers and where you can easily submit your resume.

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