Apparently the mayor of Benicarló is accused of being the author of some supposed calls to two media outlets demanding that the press releases that VOX sends to its newsrooms not be published and that VOX not appear in those media.

Sources consulted by this newsroom affirm that apparently there may have been coercion and threats, that if they continued to publish VOX press releases they would cut off any advertising contract and help, apart from the fact that they were not going to allow more questions to the council.

When we announced that difficult times were approaching with this type of government, we were not misguided, the command and command and dictatorial forms are advancing faster and faster. Freedom of opinion and the press are at the expense of "single thought", and if you disagree they try to sink you.

We have already reported other times of calls to media directors demanding even "the head" of a colleague, so the rumors circulating in Benicarló cannot take us by surprise either.

VOX, until now, has always respected the freedom of the press and expression, despite the continuous insults and threats towards the green party issued from the four cardinal points of Spanish politics.

Any medium should be able to express itself freely "within the current reason and legality" and give an opinion, both for good and for bad, without looking at the colors of the ruling party.

Opinion journalism, which we often do not share, has not been invented by the right wing but rather the multiple marketing actions of the more populist left.

The party of Santiago Abascal is branded the extreme right, fascist and retrograde, although the one who actually maintains these attitudes is the left using its supposed moral supremacy, especially when it has power.

It may even be that the fear that the left shows for the existence of VOX is due to how much the truths that come out of this party upset.

Not only the Benicarlandos, sooner rather than later it will be all citizens who ask for explanations because the characters who intend to use the "order and command" are gradually being unmasked.

In Castellón Diario we understand a lot about this situation, we have suffered it, we suffer it in our own flesh almost from the beginning of our publications, so we would like, from these lines, to show solidarity with the supposedly threatened media.

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