Valentina Martínez en la Sesión de Control

• The GPP Foreign spokesperson warns that there have been “many” episodes that have damaged the image of the country, “added to the perception of a Government incapable of protecting the Spanish, facing reality, managing and leading ”

• Censorship of “the lies” spread by the Foreign Minister in international media such as the BBC when recounting “solutions” that have not yet been approved in Spain: “Do you really believe that lying contributes to improving the image of Spain?

• “The way to regain confidence in Spain is transparency, honesty and realism. I ask for efficiency in management, transparency in accountability and a little humility in asking for forgiveness and acknowledging what has been done wrong. We are on time"

• Stresses that in order to rebuild the economy we also “need to rebuild the image and prestige of our country” • He points out that 'the rescue operation' to repatriate Spaniards “has not been such, just a huge propaganda effort” by the Government while Consulates and Embassies tried to attend "overwhelmed" to the thousands of people trapped by the difficulties to return, in most cases "without precise instructions or on time and without means"

• “Yesterday the president said that he had guaranteed that all Spaniards who wanted to return could do so, but it is not true. Not only are there many who are still out wanting to return, it is that many of those who have returned have done so after real odyssey, "he stresses

• He reproaches González Laya for “a chronology” of actions without clarity, decision or scientific criteria: “It is not until 4 days after the State of Alarm was decreed that it asks the Spaniards who were abroad to return, and 3 days before canceling the 90% of the flights with Spain said that the closure of air traffic was not considered "

• Urges the minister to answer: “Of the 400,000 European returnees thanks to the European Protection Mechanism, how many are Spanish? What is the exact number of returnees and what is the exact cost? Lastly, do you have a rough idea of ​​how many Spaniards remain to return, and how will they help them? ”

• He blamed González Laya for "not being up to the standards" of the Spanish in the negotiation to recover the shipment of respirators confiscated by Turkey, and by supporting the process of purchasing defective tests and masks in China: "Is there Any purchase more at risk in addition to those known by the media? ”

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