Magdalena Valerio, who has visited the new Ornua dairy plant in Ávila, has warned that in the 21st century the company has to be responsible "by conviction, because positive values ​​must constitute the core of its corporate culture to make visible the efforts and resources that the company uses ".

The minister has added that companies face an increasingly informed and demanding society and need more support to successfully develop their activity in the medium and long term.

The person in charge of Labor, Migration and Social Security has revealed the profitability of "investing under the premises of the values ​​we share as a society, generating decent and future jobs, committing to local social initiatives and investing in the sustainability of our planet".

Magdalena Valerio recalled the demands that companies in the technology sector transfer, mainly those related to the shortage of qualified professionals to meet the projects they want to put into operation. "Several initiatives have begun," Valerio insisted, "which narrows this gap between the real needs of companies and the training offer, as well as how to acquire and accredit these competences."

In the opinion of the Minister of Labor, Migration and Social Security "we cannot afford to have unemployed people and, at the same time, companies lacking skilled workers."

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