From August 2018 and with data as of October 31, 2019, with the ordinary inspection actions, the crash plans of 2018 and the first phase of the 2019 plans, the temporary contracts converted into indefinite rise to more than 273,000 and The increases in working hours in part-time contracts amount to more than 65,000. If we compare the 15 months elapsed since the approval of the Master Plan by the Council of Ministers with the previous 15 months, the results obtained have been multiplied by two.

The 2019 crash plans, still underway, are contributing to these results. Thus, in this first phase of the 2019 plans, which allows voluntary regularization upon receipt of the letters sent by the Inspection to the companies allegedly breaching, the temporary contracts transformed into indefinite amounts to 59,359, a 66.5 % of working people affected by this Shock Plan; and the day has increased from 22,355 part-time contracts, representing 15% of the workers affected by the Plan.

This progress of data has been made by the owner of Labor in the Commemorative Day of the 10th Anniversary of the School of Labor Inspection and Social Security, where he has highlighted and thanked once again the work and collaboration of all the personnel of the Labor and Social Security Inspection.

After affirming that the Inspection is, has been and must continue to be one of the most solid pillars of our social and democratic State of Law, the Minister of Labor has indicated that "with your work you contribute to the law's compliance, to our the labor market is better and fairer since our Social Security System is sustainable, now and in the future. "

Constant training process

Valerio stressed the professional reinforcement that the Labor Inspection and Social Security system is having, raising the number of personnel to 2,027 civil servants of the Inspection Corps, "the highest figure in history. They are 167 more than that was in May 2018 ".

The number of inspector personnel will be increased, according to the commitment to increase it by 23% during the period of execution of the Master Plan, with the 214 employees already in practice and the 374 new places planned for the Public Employment Offers 2019 and 2020 .

The minister referred to the qualification of the inspection staff that is in a "constant process of continuous training", the School of Inspection being a "decisive" part of the collective success of the Inspection. In this regard, the head of Labor explained that the School has conducted courses on false self-employed, gender equality, fellows, prevention of occupational risks with gender perspectives and psychosocial risks.

Magdalena Valerio emphasized the contribution of the School of Labor and Social Security Inspection to the objective of having a modern Inspection, constantly updated and adapted to the times that marks the increasingly changing economic and social context.

Finally, the acting Minister of Labor stressed that "the social function and public service must always be the hallmark of our Labor and Social Security Inspectorate, whose work is essential for the Future of Labor and to continue advancing in the improvement of working conditions and in the fight against job insecurity ".

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