While it is true, as Magdalena Valerio recalled during her visit to the VI Employment Fair in the Digital Era, that "digitalization, robotics, artificial intelligence, climate change, ecological and energy transition, aging of the population and the demographic challenge will destroy jobs, they will also create many. "

In this sense, for the generation of these new jobs it is essential to develop talent to make vocational training and training for employment more attractive, more innovative and more dynamic and adjusted to a work environment increasingly influenced by the economy digital.

The head of the department has stressed that it is necessary to take into account both the people who are working and those who have to be re-qualified so that they do not remain outside the labor market, as well as the people who are unemployed, favoring their qualification so that they They can incorporate into the labor market. "To be able to cover all these employment opportunities you have to start from children, give them digital and language skills. That is why education from 0 to 3 years old and ongoing training throughout all people's lives is so important, so that we don't have anyone left on the road. "

Finally, the Minister congratulated the organizers of this Fair of Employment in the Digital Age for motivating, informing and training in digital transformation, as well as bringing talent to employment opportunities.

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